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17 Apps Every Modern Gentleman Should Have On His Phone

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25 July 2014, 4:19 pm by: Elena Holodny, Linette Lopez and Stephanie Yang

top hat apple store londonMaybe it was almost socially acceptable to behave like a bro when you were caressing a keg and singing Cornell's fight song... just maybe.

But now it's time to grow up.

Lucky for you, Business Insider is here to help you out by turning your smartphone into an even more useful sidekick.

Covering everything from getting organized to buying liquor, we've put together a list of the 17 apps that every gentleman needs in 2014. 

Hotel Tonight

A few years ago finding a last minute hotel meant driving up to the nearest Motel 5 with your fingers crossed, hoping that they had an available room.

Now, you don't need to settle with the leftovers. Hotel Tonight helps you select last minute rooms in hotels sorted by categories such as hip, luxe, solid, basic, or charming. You'll be able to find something last minute that is catered to your style.

You can download Hotel Tonight here.

Sunrise Calendar

Yeah, we're not huge fans of standard phone calendars either. So to make life easier we recommend the Sunrise Calendar, which can sync loads of apps together (such as Google Calendar and Facebook).

Plus, you can add your own interesting features including sports team calendars, holidays, the stock exchange, and even the moon phases.

Download Sunrise Calendar for Apple or Android.


It's 2014 — time for every gentleman to get organized professionally in a digital fashion.

Evernote is here to save the day for even the most disorganized. This app can sync all your notes across multiple devices and computers, plus helps you scan business cards and search for anything. It even comes with little check-able check boxes for to-do lists, when you're feeling particularly unmotivated.

Download Evernote here.

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