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Best iPad sleeves

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28 March 2015, 3:12 am by: Nick Gandionco

Some users enjoy using their iPad without a case on. Also, if you do have a case, some of them do not provide sufficient protection for your iPad in some circumstances. Some cases leave the edges vulnerable, or do not even provide any protection for the front part of your iPad at all. That being said, iPad sleeves provide an extra layer of protection for your iPad. It is in that light that we have put together a list on the best iPad sleeves today.

AmazonBasics Tablet Sleeve

[Price: $6.29 – iPad Mini, $6.49 – iPad Air, Amazon]


AmazonBasics is where Amazon provides us with our basic needs at very low prices. This is Amazon’s way of saying, “you do not need a whole bunch of cash to get quality products”. This tablet sleeve is no exception. At very low prices (depending on the size you want to get) you get a quality sleeve that fits well for both the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Yes, this can be also used for laptops, but is definitely a perfect companion for your iPad. With this sleeve, there is nothing to hate, and there is everything to love about it. If you want the best value for your money, do not have second thoughts on this one.

AmazonBasics on Amazon Dokem Sythetic Leather Sleeve

[Price: $7.99 – iPad Mini, $9.99 – iPad Air, Amazon]


Simple and professional: the two words that come to mind when looking at this case. There is nothing super fancy about this case, it is just a simple synthetic leather sleeve that also provides a premium look and feel. Adding to its premium feel is the fact that this sleeve is very thin, and Dokem has managed to do so without compromising protection. As thin as it is, it still has a soft cushion that can protect your iPad from minor drops.

No zippers, flaps, valcro, and what not. All you have to do is slide your iPad in and out. If you want something very simple that can protect your iPad, this is worth considering.

Dokem on Amazon iLuv Foam Padded Sleeve

[Price: $8.70 – $19.99, depending on the color, Amazon]


You know that feeling when you arrive home and lay on your soft, comfy bed? If iPads had feelings, I bet that is the feeling they get with this sleeve by iLuv. The soft padding that surrounds this sleeve provides enough protection for your iPad, and even makes it somewhat stylish. As this is a general purpose case, as it is meant for most 10-inch tablets, the fit is not great with your iPad Air as compared to those sleeves made specifically for your iPad. It is not a bad fit, take note, but a bare naked iPad on this case will leave some spaces when using this. If not having a perfect fit is not a deal breaker for you, this sleeve is worth looking into.

iLuv on Amazon Bear Motion Sleeve

[Price: $10.99, Amazon]


Bear Motion boasts in providing rigorous and relentless quality control in all its products, and this iPad sleeve is no exception. Bear Motion sure does not make any empty claims as this sleeve is made of quality materials that can protect your iPad, and can do so even with style. Aside from the materials it is made of, what makes this sleeve even more unique is how you open and close it. To do so, two buttons are provided with a leather string attached to one of them. You use the leather string to fasten the front cover by tying the other end of the string to the other button. If you are tired of the leather string after a while, you can always change it to any yarn or flex fiber string that you can get in any craft store.

It is worth mentioning that this sleeve is a perfect fit for your iPad only when there is no case on, or if you are using a slim fit case. This may be a deal breaker for some, so that should also be factored in.

Bear Motion on Amazon V7 Protective Sleeve

[Price: $7.32, Amazon]


Protection can indeed come in style. This sleeve by V7 is the Yin and Yang of protection and style, giving you the best of both worlds. Its anti-shock Ethylene-vinyl Acetate (EVA) padding provides great protection for your iPad, and its design is great if you want to carry your iPad in style. The interior and zipper are also available in a range of colors, providing you with several options to match your style. Again, this is a case that is meant for most 10-inch tablets, so it is not a perfect fit for your iPad. If you are not all too bothered with having a slim fit sleeve for your iPad and want one that protects your iPad in style, you should definitely look into this case.

V7 on Amazon

So there you have it, our list of the best iPad sleeves you can purchase today. Have you had any experience with an iPad sleeve? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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