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7 Ways to increase tablet security, to ensure data security for your employees and business

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25 March 2015, 3:26 am by: Wendyann Lewis

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When it comes to BYOD and SYOD, businesses need to ensure the safety and integrity of company data. While most people understand the need for anti-virus, anti-spyware and backup services for their personal desktops, they are ignorant of the potential issues that can arise with their tablets. Here is a list of the top seven ways your company can ensure data security on employee tablets that are used for business.

Knowledge is Number 1

The number one way you can protect proprietary information is to educate your employees. Create a webinar, employee guidebook or training classes to help people understand the security risks for mobile devices. Not only will this help reduce the issues that may occur with company tablets, it will improve adherence to security procedures in general.

Control sources for apps

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One of the main ways that malware is introduced to mobile devices is via app downloads. When individuals surf the web for apps or purchase 3rd party apps from a mobile store they run the risk of downloading malware on their tablet or smartphone. While you can educate employees regarding how to vet an app before they download it, sometimes prevention is the best choice. Install blocks on devices used for business that prohibit 3rd party apps from being downloaded and you avoid the potential problem.

Purchase Security Software

There are several good security software programs for tablets, including Avast, Lookout and MacAfee. While you can insist that employees purchase anti-virus programs for their tablets, it may be easier if your company purchases the program and makes it available for employees. This will guarantee that all workers will be using the same security software and that it is compatible with your other business applications.

Offer Cloud Backups

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In addition to protecting BYOD and SYOD tablets from malware, companies need to make sure that proprietary data is protected from corruption and loss. Cloud storage offers instant accessibility to company data and helps to secure that data. Even if an employee’s tablet suffers damage or accidentally deletes content, there will be a complete copy available. If workers can also back up their devices to a cloud service it would protect company information if someone needs to purchase a new tablet because their old one is lost or stolen.

Low jack for Mobile Devices

If an employee does lose their device, your company will have more issues to deal with than just the loss of data. The person who finds the tablet will have access to company information and even passwords. If a tablet is lost or stolen, you need to locate it as quickly as possible. Apple’s Find Me App, Google’s Android Device Manager and similar applications will reduce the time the tablet is at risk of being accessed and important data is stolen.

Strong Passwords

Another way to prevent company information falling into the wrong hands is by having employees use strong passwords. While creating a password that is difficult to crack is possible, there are other options available as well. Biometric authentication, including thumbprints and facial recognition, are now available on several tablets and smartphones. These kinds of security are difficult to imitate and will make it harder for a thief to break into a device.

Pay for Internet Access

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Free Wi-Fi is now widely available, but isn’t secure. Employees will be tempted to use it while they are on the road, unless you provide them with an alternative. If you offer a virtual private network or paid Wi-Fi hotspot, your employees will be able to access the Internet and your company data using a connection you can protect and control.

Enterprise mobility is a vital aspect of modern business. BYOD and SYOD policies help companies with affordable options for supplying employees with tablets for business use. In order to ensure that mobile access to company data remains a competitive advantage, businesses need to secure data on employee devices. By educating your employees and supplying them with security software, cloud storage and Internet access, your company will help protect data from theft and corruption. By having employees download device location apps and using high-level security passwords, you are able to reduce hacking in the event a tablet is lost or stolen.

Security is important to protect an organization and its data. What security measures do you take to protect employee devices at your company?

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